Postal address: Hungary 6000 Kecskemét, Bajza József utca 15.


The Cultural Association Kaszinó of Kecskemét is a local cultural association, a public benefit organisation. It possesses a registered membership and a local government. It works in accordance with the laws and fundamental rules referring to associations and public benefit organisations. By virtue of being judicially registered, it is a legal entity, a public benefit organisation.

The intention of the association is to be active on such new or part-areas of the whole education where public education promises better results due to its nature. Taking this into consideration, it co-ordinates, helps, operates and represents the groups being organised into the association (studies, clubs and circles).

In compliance with it, as a so-called “umbrella-association” its task is to help the amateur art groups of persons pursuing cultural activities with a background of financial-settling support.

The association carries on the following activities of public utility: education and tuition, development of abilities, spreading of knowledge, cultural activities and protection of our cultural heritage.

The association is up and going with less or more success, from the beginning. This success – due to the above mentioned structure of the constitution – is embodied in the results achieved by the groups.

Members of the association:

We believe that we can measure up to the requirements of modern age if the groups, the idealism represented and the cultural values established by them, are received, introduced and made available not only via traditional information carriers, but also via the internet.


István Salánki
President of the Association